How Do Black Women with Blonde Hair Look Wonderful?

Black Women with Honey Blonde Hair

Black women with blonde hair have never looked boring to see. If you agree with this, you have to be ready to go to salon and change your hair color. However, you have to hang on. You have to understand that there are many types of blonde hair for the times being. You shouldn’t understand blonde hair color as brown. It is truly false statement. Having known the types of blonde hair color, you will be able to pick the best blonde for you.

Are you a big fan of Nicki Minaj? You must know that this woman never look similar in every occasion. She likes to be out of fashion. She doesn’t like to be ordinary. When she paints her hair in blonde hair color, she chooses extreme blonde hair color. It is platinum. It is considered as very dramatic blonde hair color. Only those who have enough braveness pick this hair color and she is one of brave black women with blonde hair color. In this case, it is not only braveness that you have to have. If you are older women, it is not recommended to pick this hair color. Actually, platinum is designed for young women instead of older women.

Black Women with Natural Blonde Hair

Black Women with Blonde Hair Color

Another type of blonde hair color is dirty blonde. Actually, this color makes your hair turn to white but it is not as white as when you paint it with platinum. If you have brown or even black hair color, you will be shocked to have light shade of blonde. However, dirty blonde doesn’t make you get shocked. It is considered as not-too-extreme light hair color. For this color, it is suggested that you have medium haircut instead of long haircut. Beyonce has ever tried this hair color. You can search her photo with medium dirty blonde hairstyle. So, now you know two different types of blonde hair color. In fact, it is good to see black women with blonde hair when they choose the appropriate blonde.

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Black Women with Blonde Curly HairBlack Women with Blonde Hair ColorsBlack Women with Natural Blonde HairBlack Women with Honey Blonde HairBlack Women with Short Blonde HairBlack Women with Blonde Hair

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